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College Credit Card Agreements

Row numberInstitution or organizationType of institution or organizationLocationCredit card issuerStatusIn effect as of 1/1/2014?Total open accounts as of 12/31/2013Payments by issuer in 2013New accounts opened in 2013
1Westminster College New WilmingtonUniversityNew Wilmington, PA
(41.122474200000056°, -80.33349557699995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse543$5488.00
2Sigma Alpha Epsilon FraternityOtherEvanston, IL
(42.05702304300007°, -87.68644577799995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse1095$0.001
3Pi Lambda Phi OtherDanbury, CT
(41.39268210500006°, -73.45358592799994°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse112$843.00
4Grand Valley State UniversityUniversityAllendale, MI
(42.972224005000044°, -85.94313598699995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Amendedfalse747$7264.002
5Society of Nuclear MedicineOtherNew York, NY
(40.71455046700004°, -74.00711668399998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse574$4445.00
6University of Nevada Reno FoundationFoundationReno, NV
(39.52738108500006°, -119.81343613199999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse1274$0.00
7Ferris State UniversityUniversityBig Rapids, MI
(43.698320780000074°, -85.48082746199998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse116$1125.003
8SUNY Cortland Alumni Association AlumniCortland, NY
(42.60349395700007°, -76.17481724499999°)
U.S. Bank National Association NDTerminatedfalse629$0.0027
9Institute of Management AccountantsOtherMontvale, NJ
(41.04886156200007°, -74.06205719499997°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse3575$0.0011
10University of the Incarnate WordUniversitySan Antonio, TX
(29.424582310000062°, -98.49460637499999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Amendedfalse219$513.00
11Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association Alumni Golden, CO
(39.75665257500003°, -105.22494784199995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse434$11071.002
12Berklee College of MusicUniversityBoston, MA
(42.35866236100003°, -71.05673835899995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse522$7237.00
13Henderson State UniversityUniversityArkadelphia, AR
(34.12098233000006°, -93.05412654399998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse308$3828.001
14La Sierra University; La Sierra Alumni AssociationAlumni Riverside, CA
(33.98163046900004°, -117.37387829499994°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse16$31.00
15Niagara UniversityUniversityNiagara, NY
(43.201002017000064°, -78.74239029499995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse393$4336.00
16Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical FraternityOtherRichardson, TX
(32.96074082200005°, -96.73296677999997°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse53$282.00
17Northwestern State University Alumni AssociationAlumni Natchitoches, LA
(31.76095441700005°, -93.08697614999994°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse349$3672.00
18The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta Inc.OtherLexington, KY
(38.04859309200003°, -84.50031851299997°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse240$0.00
19Cornell Alumni FederationAlumniIthaca, NY
(42.44051296300006°, -76.49545767599994°)
Chase BankAmendedfalse$900000.005
20Pi Sigma Epsilon Inc.OtherHartland, WI
(43.103360131000045°, -88.34794588499994°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse146$1810.00
21The Board of Trustees of Northern Michigan UniversityUniversityMarquette, MI
(46.54583791500005°, -87.41367712399995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse757$35.00
22Howard Payne University Alumni AssociationAlumni Brownwood, TX
(31.725272871000072°, -98.98070852499995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse206$1281.00
23Gettysburg CollegeUniversityGettysburg, PA
(39.830251875000044°, -77.23111724699999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse274$2777.00
24Chapman UniversityUniversityOrange, CA
(33.78786269500006°, -117.85039986499999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse949$6927.00
25Tennessee State University Alumni AssociationAlumni Nashville, TN
(36.167843110000035°, -86.77815794799994°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse291$4902.00
26Virginia Tech Alumni AssociationAlumniBlacksburg, VA
(37.226263732000064°, -80.41057589499997°)
Chase BankAmendedfalse2
27Syracuse Football ClubAlumniSyracuse, NY
(43.04999341400003°, -76.14738700099997°)
Capital OneSamefalse$0.00
28Northeastern State University Foundation Inc.FoundationTahlequah, OK
(35.91136366400008°, -94.97266979999995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse381$4873.00
29University of Baltimore Alumni AssociationAlumni Baltimore, MD
(39.290582950000044°, -76.60925984299996°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse370$3877.00
30Stephen F Austin Alumni AssociationAlumni Nacogdoches, TX
(31.603583953000054°, -94.65561708499996°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse145$225.00
31North Dakota State University Alumni AssociationAlumni Fargo, ND
(46.875907770000026°, -96.78175882599999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse281$3000.001
32Delta Sigma Phi FraternityOtherIndianapolis, IN
(39.766913353000064°, -86.14995646699998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse465$0.00
33Mount Saint Mary’s College MarylandUniversityEmmetsburg, MD
(39.704352836000055°, -77.32530923499996°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse456$5680.00
34Society of Women EngineersOtherNew York, NY
(40.71455046700004°, -74.00711668399998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Amendedfalse809$2735.00
35University of Texas Pan American Alumni Association Inc.Alumni Edinburg, TX
(26.301162271000067°, -98.16069984299997°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse1186$12579.001
36American Society for MicrobiologyOtherWashington, DC
(38.89037258400003°, -77.03195678499998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse351$2670.00
37Thunderbird School of Global ManagementUniversityGlendale, AZ
(33.538612030000024°, -112.18626796399997°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Amendedfalse229$805.00
38Tennessee Technological University Alumni AssociationAlumni Cookeville, TN
(36.16193027000003°, -85.49979745399997°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Amendedfalse1324$0.00
39Centenary College of LouisianaUniversityShreveport, LA
(32.51461036200004°, -93.74726701399999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Amendedfalse166$781.00
40Texas A&M University Commerce Alumni AssociationAlumni Commerce, TX
(33.25044331700008°, -95.89818933499998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse475$0.00
41American Society of Interior Designers Inc.OtherWashington, DC
(38.89037258400003°, -77.03195678499998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse1589$10632.003
42Northern Illinois University Alumni AssociationAlumni DeKalb, IL
(41.92930124900005°, -88.74929880699995°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse874$203698.002
43West Point Association of GraduatesAlumni West Point, NY
(41.395220625000036°, -73.95515926799999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse3888$0.001
44Buffalo State Alumni AssociationAlumni Buffalo, NY
(42.88544307300003°, -78.87845675099999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse395$3103.00
45Eastern Washington University Alumni AssociationAlumni Cheney, WA
(47.48900705700004°, -117.57476815099994°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse687$4843.00
46Delta State University UniversityCleveland, MS
(33.74745087800005°, -90.71701644299998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse565$5676.00
47Sigma Pi Fraternity International Inc.OtherVincennes, IN
(38.67810162200004°, -87.53223623799994°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse633$0.001
48Southern Illinois University Alumni AssociationAlumniCarbondale, IL
(37.72730358300004°, -89.21579966899998°)
Capital OneSamefalse406$75000.00369
49Association of Information Technology ProfessionalsOtherPark Ridge, IL
(42.00860443900007°, -87.83039898499999°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse485$3211.00
50Robert Morris University Alumni AssociationAlumni Coraopolis, PA
(40.51748395100003°, -80.16422830099998°)
FIA Card Services, N.A.Samefalse323$2780.00


Dan Munz Dan Munz

created Oct 15, 2012

updated Dec 15, 2014

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As required by the Credit CARD Act of 2009, the CFPB collects information annually from credit card issuers who have marketing agreements with universities, colleges, or affiliated organizations such as alumni associations, sororities, fraternities, and foundations. We publish this information and write an annual report to Congress on the state of college credit card agreements.

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